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Sports for Special Needs Children- 2017
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Computer Hardware Maintenance Programme in Schools

There were computer hardware maintenance programme implemented by the National Hardware and network maintenance team of Ministry of Education and Provincial hardware maintenance team at Vavuniya South, Mannar, Mullaithevu, Kilinochchi, Jaffna zones from 11.09.2017 to 15.09.2017. Computers from schools brought to repair and irretrievable computers for recommended to discard.

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All Island School’s Relay Championship, which was held over a period of 3days at the Duriyappah stadium in Jaffna concluded today (10thSeptember).

Defending Champions St. Benedict’s College managed to see off the challenge from Negombo’s MarisStella College to win the overall Boy’s championship with 12-point lead. A Rathnayake College, Walala managed to overtake Trinity College to be placed third in the overall championship. St. Benedict’s College – Col. 13 83 Marisstella College – Negombo 71 A Rathnayake MMV – Walala 60 A Rathnayake college, Walala girls had a slight setback on the opening day as they could not get the better of Sir John Kothalawala M.V Kurunegala in the opening day. The defending champions however made steady progress during the rest of the two days and stamped their authority in the Girl’s overall category amassing a total of 112 points. Sir John Kothalawala M.V Kurunegala who were placed second only managed half of the points with 66 championship points. Sumana Balika Vid, Ratnapura was placed third with a total of 42 points.

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