Dance programme at Zonal Education office Vavuniya south
Tamil Day Programme - 2017
Commencement of Work Year- 2018
Sports for Special Needs Children- 2017
Provincial Level Sports -2017
Sports for Special Needs Children- 2017
Meeting with staff of PDE, NP

Commencement of Duties Year 2019

The main official ceremony holds for commencement of work for the year 2019 started with hoisting national flag by the Provincial Director of Education, Northern Province, Provincial Department of Education flag hoisted by Additional Provincial Director of Education (Admin) and Zonal Education Office Valikamam flag hoisted by Zonal Director of Education , Valikamam and sang national anthem, Provincial Department of Education anthem and Zonal Education office, Valikamam anthem at the premises of Department of Education in the presence of all the staff of Provincial Department of Education and Valikamam Zonal Education Office. All the staff took the oath then a speech delivered regarding the enriched with moral values, environmental friendliness and devoid of alcohol and drugs by the Provincial Director of Education.